Plastique Unique (Fashions) specialise in plastic and PVC fashion clothes. Our selection of rainwear includes: raincoats, jackets, trench coats, aprons, capes, hoods, lingerie, fun wear and more...

We are a company set up by enthusiasts for enthusiasts who love PVC, plastic and vinyl.

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Gallery Update March 2006

25 new pictures in Gallery 1

32 new pictures in Gallery 2




For those of you who are visiting this site for the first time, my name is Susie (I'm the one on the left) and, together with my husband, we have been collecting rainwear and other fashions ever since we first me over 30 years ago. My personal collection is now over 1,500, mostly in PVC and plastic, but also in polyurethane, latex and rubberised satin etc. The styles date back from as far as the 1940's right up to modern times. I love to wear my raincoats both at home and in public and I do so almost every day. After a number of my friends and members of the general public asked me where they could buy such lovely raincoats, I decided to set up Plastique Unique, a mail order business supplying modern PVC and plastic rainwear, etc.

In the Boutique Shopping Cart, you can now see almost every style and every colour currently available, many made for you by our own seamstress. We are continuing to expand our Designer Range and more styles and designs will follow as soon as possible.

You can then visit Gallery 1, where you will see many pictures from my own private collection. Sadly most of the raincoats are no longer available, so I treasure them dearly. There are many pictures from the past, some of them taken up to 30 years ago, but we will also continue to take new pictures, updating as regularly as possible.

Gallery 2 is only available to customers as a "thank you" for purchasing from PLASTIQUE UNIQUE. Unlike others, we are not charging subscriptions, or, indeed, asking for donations. We are simply asking that you order a raincoat, or any other item from Plastique Unique. The Password will then be forwarded to you with your order.

We hope you will all appreciate that a great deal of time, effort and expense goes into creating and running our Web Site, especially as all the pictures are our own. The costs are enormous and without your continued support we could not continue.


Password to Gallery 2

The Password to Gallery 2 has now been changed. The new Password will be sent with all new orders.

If you have ordered from us since 1st January, 2006, please just e-mail us for the new Password.


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